Stock ref: DS1593

Circa 1980

A superb  example of the popular Nest of Tables from the Kilburn workshops of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson. Of typical rectangular form with adzed tops and each table supported on four octagonally carved legs with matching mice carved to the front leg of each table. 

Always difficult to find in the condition we require, this Nest has been extremely well looked after and presents in excellent stain  and damage free condition (the darker areas visible on the largest table top are just natural wood and grain variations). Medium fumed the tables present in a warm golden honey colour.

Size: Lge 61(w) x 37.8(d) x 47.5(h)cm
        Med 50(w) x 32(d) x 42.2(h)cm
        Sml 39.5(w) x 26.5(h) x 36.5(h)cm

£ 1100



Stock ref: DS1588


An excellent example of an early Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Burr Oak Panelled Sideboard. Adzed all over in line with early craftsmanship and featuring a rear upstand, two short over three long drawers, flanked either side by two full height burr oak panelled cupboards each with  wrought iron fittings and two fixed shelves within. Burr oak panels to the sides and a wonderfully executed trademark mouse carved in high relief to  the front left canted corner.

The sideboard presents in excellent condition following a sympathetic clean and re-wax in our workshop. The top is now clean of any staining or ring marks, the drawers and cupboards are generally very clean with just the expected light usage marking of a  Mouseman piece this age. The clean and re-wax has really brought up the rich aged colour and graining pattern and texture of the burr oak.

A known piece, recorded in Robert Thompson's order book and ledgers volume G, page 225 Feb 1937 H Preston, Burnley, 5'4" long sideboard £ 20.

Size: 160(w) x 49(d) x 93.5(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS1618

Circa 1948

A superb example of the sought after early Mouseman Cheeseboard which features the mouse carved directly onto the board instead of the handle, which became standard  in about 1960.

Always carefully looked after it presents in excellent condition showing only the faintest of light cut marks to the board. Plain and dry on our acquisition we've now clear waxed it to accentuate the natural colour and wood grain in the expectation of it being used for display purposes in the future.

Acquired locally and believed to have been purchased originally as a wedding present in 1948 for the sellers grandmother.

Size: 37(l) x 18(w) x 4.5(h)cm

£ 450

Stock ref: DS1616

Circa late 1940s

An excellent example of an earlier made Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Bench Seat. Adzed to all visible surfaces in line with early manufacture. The  1 1/2" thick single plank top sits on 1 3/4" trestle style legs and sledge feet, joined by a pegged and arched stretcher. A good trademark mouse is carved in high relief to one of the legs.

Previously sold by us about three years ago, it still presents in superb condition having been cleaned and re-waxed in our workshop prior to the original sale. We are now re-selling on behalf of the buyer as the piece is not being used.

We originally acquired this piece privately from a Teesdale family estate, the vendor advising it was bought by her late father in about 1960 from a sale held at Ampleforth Abbey/College, togetehr with other Mouseman dining pieces.

Size: 1529w) x 35.5(d) x 46(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS1610

Circa late 1950s / early 60s

An excellent example of the earlier made Napkin Ring from the kilburn workshops of Robert Thompson, identifiable by the smaller 4cm size compared with later made 5cm/2" examples.

Presented in excellent condition with a natural aged deep honey colour and a signature mouse carved to one of the facets.

Size: 4cm

Reserved 10/2/16

Stock ref: DS1592

Circa 1960s

A superb example of the large freestanding oak Corner Cupboard from the Kilburn workshops of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson. Adzed tothe top and all the framework with panelled sides and twin opening panelled doors which open to reveal three internal fixed shelves. Traditional wrought iron fittings and standing on carved octagonal legs with a signature mouse carved to one front leg. 

It presents in superb condition inside and out following a clean and re-wax in our workshop, medium fumed from new and clear wax finished.

These corner cupboards are now rare to the market and have not been available to purchase new from Robert Thompsons for 30 years.

Size: 106(w - corner to corner) x 67(d - front to rear corner apex) x 147(h)cm.

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Stock ref: DS1589

Circa 1940s

An excellent pair of vintage Robert Mouseman Thompson Bookends with distinctively early carved mice and a wonderful rich natural depth of colour. Lovely condition, very minor flattening to the tails from polishing over the years.

Size: 9(w) x 9.8(d) x 15(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS1599

Circa 1940s/50s

A superb example of the popular and sought after earlier made Mouseman Fruitbowl, characterised by the mouse carved  to the exterior of the bowl. From the early 1960s onwards the bowl diameter was enlarged but made shallower and the mouse carved in the centre of the bowl. Azed and tooled all over, free from any damage, staining or repair and with a wonderful natural colour.

Size: 25(dia) x 7.5(h)cm.

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Stock ref: DS1580

Circa 1950s/early 60s

An excellent example of the sought after Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson oak horseshoe pin dish. Lovely condition, rich depth of colour with a particularly fine and very high backed mouse.

One of a pair we have acquired, made at the same time, by the same craftsman. (See also DS1581).

Size: 11.5(dia) x 5(h)cm

£ 265

Stock ref: DS1566

Circa 1940s/early 50s

A wonderful pair of earlier made adzed bookends from Robert Mouseman Thompson of Kilburn. Dark fumed from new and of slightly narrower width than is seen as standard on more mondern made pieces they present in a  natural rich brown toned colour. The mice carvings are particularly fine and bold with no losses. There's a slightly chipped lower corner edge on one bookend (shown in the image gallery below).

Size: 9(w) x 9(d) x 16(h)cm

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