Welcome everyone to our refreshed and updated website which has taken three months of diligent work by our web designer Mark Banks at Packhorse Design and ourselves to come to fruition. We hope that all our website visitors will find viewing the website an easy and pleasurable experience. Our aim all along has been to maintain all the best elements our regular clients have liked about the original website, whilst simplifying the page and catalogue navigation and incorporating the latest layout and viewing technologies.

A summary of the main amendments is detailed below, but our main recommendation is to scroll and click around the should all soon make sense !

  • Most of the website is now 'responsive' which means the pages reformat automatically to display neatly and ensure they are readable on a wide range of devices with varying screen sizes. Tablet and smart phone users in particular will find the viewing experience greatly improved. The product catalogue software is not quite as responsive as we'd hoped and we've had to accept a few minor compromises which are most noticeable on smart phone screens. Switching between portrait and landscape modes, as appropriate  for optimum viewing, resolves all the issues we've encountered in testing over the last few weeks.
  • We've simplified the product categories down to 'Furniture' and 'Collectables'. Clients can also still search by 'Craftsman/Manufacturer which continues to list current stock pieces first and sold items following on.
  • The image gallery for individual pieces is now scrollable, a feature we know will be welcomed by many regular website visitors.
  • Our sold archive remains but is now a separate section on the main menu.

Dont hesitate to contact us if you experience any difficulties navigating around, or you find any major errors we've not spotted and rectified yet.