We are plesed to advise clients that with Christmas looming we've lowered the prices on a wide range of Furniture and Collectables, effective 1st November 2019.

If you are looking to treat yourself this Christmas, or for a gift idea for family or friends, take a scroll through our Current Stock portfolio. We've always been highly regarded for our competitive pricing..... so  some of our prices may just surprise you. We frequently see people paying far more at auction than we are selling the same items for... and we've spent time and effort refurbishing and polishing them to top condition !

Our Preston Antique Centre  showroom is currently very well stocked, so much so that we are turning pieces down  from private sellers that we'd most definitely buy if we had more space. It's well worth a visit, not only to see our own stock, but the 3 floors from over 30 other top quality dealers.  Alternatively, David is always pleased to answer any questions clients may have on the telephone or by email.