Photographed together a collection of recently sourced Robert 'Mouseman Thompson decorative gift pieces. The ensemble includes:

Three table lamps, the oldest being a rare burr oak stemmed lamp from the 30s/40s, the others of 1947 and 1951 date. All rewired and with new bulb holders as required.

Two 1960s double pin dishes and a late 70s book trough known to have come from the family of Paul Golding who was trained at Thompson's before WWII and was senior carver from 1947 until his retirement in 1987.

An unusual and rare  1960s/ early 70s bespoke 6 3/4" shalled dished bowl directly acquired from a distant descendant of Robert Thompson.

mouseman decorative gift items

Available now...... a unique bespoke made  and sized Mouseman Display Stand, adzed all over  with a  wonderfully  executed vine carved in high relief twisting around and up the pedestal column.

Please contact us for further details.

Just added to the website and available now....... a 1970s Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Nest of Tables in superb original stain free condition.

Just arrived at our Northallerton storage warehouse...... a wonderful collection of solid oak dining and occasional furniture pieces made by Malcolm 'Foxman' Pipes in 1987/88, acquired privately from the estate of a lady who lived latterly in Bromley, Kent but kept in regular correspondence up to her recent death  with Malcolm and his mother. The range of items, all in immaculate condition includes:

  • 5' Glazed Display Dresser 
  • Gateleg Dining Table
  • 4 Panel Backed and Tudor Rose Carved Dining Chairs
  • 1 Panel Backed and Tudor Rose Carved Armchair
  • Nest of 3 Tables
  • Bedside / Occasional Side Cupboard
  • 4 Legged Cow Stool
  • 3 Legged Calf Stool
  • 4 Legged Dished Top Stool
  • 10" Bespoke Octagonal Wall Clock

All carefully owned and in lovely condition. Full details and images with  be put onto the website as soon as possible, if you have any questions in the meantime please contact David directly on 07905 284680 or via the email details on the homepage of the website.


David Siddall Antiques are pleased to advise clients of a number of significant price reductions effective  from 1st August, details as follows:

Mouseman Standard Lamp, DS1257, was £655 reduced to £595.

Mouseman Teatray, DS1268, was £330 reduced to £260.

Mouseman Fruitbowl, DS1264, was £295 reduced to £260.

Mouseman Pair of Candlesticks, DS1276, was £575 reduced to £495.

Lizardman Glazed Corner Cabinet, DS1321, was £1670 reduced to £1495.

Lizardman Set of 6 Napkin Rings, DS1230, was £135 reduced to £110.

Wrenman 9" Bowl, DS1280, was £220 reduced to £175.

Wrenman Large Chopping Board, DS1281, was £160 reduced to £140.

Full details on the respective product stock web pages.

Available now.... a pristine condition Wilf 'Squirrelman' Hutchinson Oak Wall Hung Corner Cabinet. Circa 1970s in pristine condition. Full detail and images on the website, please contact us  if you have any further questions.

Just arrived..... a rare range of solid mahogany occasional furniture from Acorn Industries from a private estate near York with original purchase invoices from 1982 and 1983. All in excellent condition and each piece marked with the signature acorn carving. Acorn industries and Wren Cabinetmakers are rare amongst the Yorkshire Critters makers in having offered items in solid mahogany alongside the oak ranges for which they are now better known. The range includes:
Glazed Corner Cabinet
Coffee Table
Wine Tables x 2
Standard Lamp
Table Lamp

Full details and images will be posted onto the website within the next few days.

Available now.... 1920s/30s, correctly labelled.

Just in..... a beatifully patinated early spinning stool, bespoke made in 1944  as a wedding present for the previous owners parents. 

Just in.....  a wonderful 12" early table lamp. From the same original ownership as the bookends below. Will be supplied with new period braided wiring and a new bulb holder but available to reserve now. Contact us for further details.

Just in.......... a lovely pair of  late 30s/ early 40s  Robert Thompson Mouseman Bookends. Contact us for further details.mouseman robert thompson bookends

A unique opportunity to own a rare reclining chair, one of a pair made by Robert Thompson for his life long friend Thomas Baker's wedding. Thomas had been Robert's best man at his own wedding many years earlier. The chair has been owned by the Thompson family since the 1990s. Written provenance from Ian Thompson Catrtwright who also recently appeared on the Channel  Four programme Four Rooms with this very chair.

We have recognised for a long time that searching for items by particular craftsmen has been a popular alternative to searching by product category.

Following some recent programming changes to the website we are pleased to advise that when searching by craftsman items currently available for sale  are now always listed first, followed by items that have been sold by us, listed in chronological order. 

The following items have recently been purchased, mostly from private vendors,  and will all be available for sale via the website and Preston showroom in the coming weeks. Please contact me directly for initial details about any specific piece.

Mouseman 5' Rectangular Dowel Topped Dining Table, circa late 40s/early 50s, ex Ampleforth.
Mouseman 5' Bench, circa late 40s/early 50s, ex Ampleforth.
Mouseman 2'6" Bench, circa late 40s/early 50s, ex Ampleforth.
Mouseman Standard Lamp, circa 1960s.
Mouseman Standard Lamp circa 1990s.
Mouseman Table Lighter, circa 1970s
Mouseman Trinket Box, circa 1960s.
Mouseman Table Lamp, circa mid 1970s.
Mouseman Twin Wall Light, circa mid 1970s.
Mouseman Tea Tray, circa 1980.
Mouseman 6" Nut Bowl, circa 1980.
Mouseman Letter Rack, circa 1980.
Mouseman Barometer / Hygrometer /Thermometer, circa 1970s.


New in, two floor standing corner cupboards, a glazed wall hanging corner cupboard and a panelled wall hanging corner cupboard. All from the same original ownership and bought new circa 1970. Full details will be put onto the website as soon as possible, in the meantime please contact ,me if you would like further details.


Available soon, please contact me for details.

Rare and sought after..... now in stock with photographs and full details added to the website. Originally a gift by Robert Thompson to a family relative.Please contact me  to discuss the price.

Mouseman 3'6" Blanket Box / Coffer, rich deep colour and adzed all over in line with early work.

Mouseman Nest of 3 Tables - 1975, lighter colour, excellent stain free condition.

Mouseman Early  9 1/2" Fruitbowl, mouse carved to the exterior.

Mouseman Bread Board

Mouseman Cheeseboard

The above are available now but awaiting photography, details going on the website and taking to the Preston showroom.


Arriving in early October.........

Mouseman 18" Cow Stools x 2

Mouseman Dish Topped Stool



The following Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson pieces are currently being prepared for sale:

6' Sideboard, 1969.

3' rectangular Coffee Table, circa late 60s.

Workbox, circa late 60s.

Early Ashtray, circa late 30s/early 40s.

Pin Dish, circa 1970s

Fruitbowl, circa early 70s.

Leather seated Dressing Table Stool, circa late 60s.

Set of 6  Lattice Back Dining Chairs, circa mid/late 60s.

Standard Lamp, circa early 70s. 

Gas Table Lighter, circa early 70s

Full details will be put onto the website as soon as possible, in the meantime please contact me for further information.


Coming unusual pair of 3 legged cow stools  with  the seats carved in the  form of  'clubs' and 'spades', two of the suits found in a pack of playing cards.