Sid Pollard (Ex Mouseman) Adzed Oak Blanket Box

Stock ref: DS2226

Circa 1960s /70s

A wonderful demonstration of craftsmanship and attention to detail inside and out.  Sid Pollard's  blanket /storage chests are rarer and more unusual than those made by Robert Thompson's as the lid also features the  same distinctive individually selected oak panelling, pegging, chamfered edges and  adzing as the front, back and sides.  Not only is the entire framework adzed, each individual panel is too, which harks back to the earliest construction techniques learn't and used by Sid when he trained at Thompson's. To contain costs most modern made blanket boxes by R. Thompson's and others now only feature adzing to the lid section, which itself is more cheaply made from a plain single or double planked top.

Superb condition, wonderfully clean internally, wax polished externally.

Sid Pollard lived in Bagby, near Thirsk, and was one of Robert Thompson's early apprentices, together with his brother. His solo work is almost always unmarked, preferring to let his craftsmanship speak for itself. After leaving Thompson's he combined his solo work with the family building firm, Pollard Builders. His solo work dates from the  late 40's through to his death.

Size: 109 (w) x 40(d) x 52(h)cm