Robert Thompson ‘Mouseman’ Early Oak Cheeseboard

Stock Ref: DS2246

Circa 1930s/early 40s

A wonderful example of the highly sought after early Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson solid oak Cheeseboard.  These very earliest made cheeseboards are distinguished not only by the mouse being carved on the azed chesseboard itself, but by the  very high and slim curved handles, this being 2 1/4" (5.7cm) in height. This would have produced considerable wastage of wood as they are carved from a solid block of oak and later made pieces, even those made in the 40s/50s with the mouse on the board, are considerably lower in the overall height of the handle. These handles were prone to breakage so their height was gradually reduced and by 1960 the mouse was moved onto the neck of the handle, and it was widened,  to help strengthen it.

It's a  used 'as intended' piece so displays some light cut marks to the adzed upper surface  and was oiled by its original owner. We've sympathetically  washed and cleaned it before giving it a wax which has imparted the nutty brown colour to the piece. It has an excellent mouse carving which has sustained only the very slightest of ear nibbles over the years of usage and washing / drying.

Size: 37(l) x 18(w) x 5.7(h)cm