Ivyleaf ‘Yorkshire Oak’ Ashtray

Stock ref: DS2345

Circa 1970s / 80s

A very rare excellent Yorkshire Citters Oak Ashtray, beautifully carved with a signature Ivy Leaf in low relief.  Excellent condition, display use only, finished in a deeper fumed colour.

We have seen  and sold examples of this craftsmans work previously, see our sold archive  stock ref: DS1322, Coffee Table. Whilst the craftsman's identity still remains unconfirmed, our current belief is that it is most likely one of the former Acorn Industries (Alan 'Acornman' Grainger) craftsmen's solo work. 

If anyone out there can confirm any further details we will gladly give the correct attribution.

Sourced from a single owner collection of Yorkshire Critters ashtrays.

Size: 11.2(w) x 7.7(d) x 2.3(h)cm