Stan Dodds ‘Rabbitman’ Rare Oak Trinket Box

Stock ref: DS2730

Circa  late 1950s / 1960s

A very rare and unusual solid oak Stan Dodds 'Rabbitman' Trinket Box, an early example of Stan Dodds' solo work, made whilst he was still working full-time at Robert Thompson's,  and before Peter Heap later trademark protected the rabbit in 1970 as his own carved signature. Of rectangular adzed form with an exquisitely carved rabbit to  the  hinged lid with a handcarved and tooled interior.

Excellent condition and colour.

Provenance, from Stan Dodds' personal estate.

Stan Dodds (1928-2012) worked at Robert Thompson's from 14 years of age in 1942  up to retirement in 1994, taking over the role of master carver from his mentor George Weightman  in the 1960s, and responsible for most of their best carvings  in recent decades. His unique skill and craftsmanship is increasingly being recognised by collectors who seek out his distinctive mouse signature, as well as his own rabbit and later woodpecker signature. In retirement he undertook regular part-time carving work for a number of the Yorkshire Critters craftsmen, most notably Wilf and Trevor at Squirrel Furniture. 

Stan married his wife Norma in 1960. Norma was the niece of Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson’s granddaughter-in-law. The newly married couple were given the use of a Thompson's owned  house in nearby Osgodby. Here Stan set up his own small workshop 'out the back'  where he made fine carvings in his spare time. The carvings that Stan produced under his own name with either a rabbit or woodpecker signature, both during his years at Kilburn and after his retirement, are particularly fine. The level of detail and refinement in Stan’s carving is testament to his skill and deep understanding of wood. Today, he and  George Weightman are regarded as Robert Thompson’s best ever carvers, their work appreciated by avid collectors of Mouseman around the world, whether produced for Robert Thompson's or in their own spare time for personal use or resale.

Size: 18.5(w) x 9.5(d) x 7(h)cm