Ex Mouseman Craftsman’s 10” Carved Oak Wall Plaque

Stock ref: DS1687

Circa 1970s / early 80s

An unusually rare opportunity for collectors of the Yorkshire Critters work to acquire what is believed to be a one off 10" oak wall plaque carved with a bird of prey, made by former mouseman craftsman Brian Bowes for personal family relations. 

The plaque is carved from a solid block of oak and the high relief carving is wonderfully detailed and posed, and adzed and tooled in typical mouseman style. Darker fumed  this piece is devoloping a warm nutty brown colour. Privately acquired together with a lighter fumed carved cart horse wall plaque from the same ownership.

We believe Brian joined Robert Thompson's as an apprentice straight from school in the late 60s, working with them until the mid 1980s, when he left to take over a family owned  joinery business.

Size: 25.5(dia) x 4(d)cm