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Stock ref: DS2250

Circa 1960s/70s

A rare example of a  Gated Oak Letter Rack from  the ex Mouseman craftsman Sid Pollard, of Bagby. With a curved back and detailed bar gate to the front, a design that is similar to and now more synonemous with the later 1980s onwards made  Bob Hunter 'Wrenman's ' wren carved letter racks.  In excellent original condition with a baize lined base,  just a very minor wood chip to the front left corner edge of  the base. 

Sid was one of Robert Thompson's early apprentices and craftsman and his work is increasingly highly regarded by collectors. As with almost all his work it is unmarked, he always preferred to let his craftsmanship speak for itself.

Size: 33(w) x 13(d) x 17.5(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS2216

Circa  late 1950s/60s

Wonderful original condition with original hide seats. Construction similar to early Mouseman chairs with the rush rail between the front legs. Minor expected usage marks  which is usual  with untreated aniline cow hide.

Size: 42.7(w) x 45.5(d) x 84.5(h)cm

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Stock ref: DS2226

Circa 1960s /70s

A wonderful demonstration of craftsmanship and attention to detail inside and out.  Sid Pollard's  blanket /storage chests are rarer and more unusual than those made by Robert Thompson's as the lid also features the  same distinctive individually selected oak panelling, pegging, chamfered edges and  adzing as the front, back and sides.  Not only is the entire framework adzed, each individual panel is too, which harks back to the earliest construction techniques learn't and used by Sid when he trained at Thompson's. To contain costs most modern made blanket boxes by R. Thompson's and others now only feature adzing to the lid section, which itself is more cheaply made from a plain single or double planked top.

Superb condition, wonderfully clean internally, wax polished externally.

Sid Pollard lived in Bagby, near Thirsk, and was one of Robert Thompson's early apprentices, together with his brother. His solo work is almost always unmarked, preferring to let his craftsmanship speak for itself. After leaving Thompson's he combined his solo work with the family building firm, Pollard Builders. His solo work dates from the  late 40's through to his death.

Size: 109 (w) x 40(d) x 52(h)cm


Stock ref: DS1916

Circa 1960s

An excellent example of the popular Nest of 3 Oak Occasional Tables from the renowned ex Mouseman  and 'Yorkshire Critters' craftsman Sid Pollard.  The largest table of typical rectangular form standing on 4 octagonally carved legs, joined by stretchers. Underneath are 2 identically sized smaller tables of nearlly square proportions, also standing on 4 carved legs joined by stretchers. As is typical of Sid's solo work and unique amongst the 'Yorkshire Critters,' his work is unmarked, he preferred to let his craftsmanship speak for itself.

Excellent cleaned and rewaxed condition, medium fumed colour.

Size: Lge 67.5(w) x 36(d) x 46.3(h)cm, Sml 28.8(w) x 30.5(d) x 37.5(h)cm



Stock ref: DS2135

Circa 1970s

A wonderful example of a Yorkshire Oak Longcase Clock made by former 'Mouseman' craftsman Sid Pollard of Bagby, near Thirsk. The oak cabinet fitted with an 8 day  twin weight and pendulum driven German  Kieninger movement  with brass face, silvered chapter ring with roman numerals  and a Galleon in full sail pictured above. The movement  has been cleaned and serviced by our local professional horologist.

Wonderful condition with a medium fumed and clear waxed natural aged colour to the clock cabinet.

As is typical of Sid's work it is unmarked, he preferred to let his carftsmanship speak for itself.

Size: 36(w) x 20.5(d) x 196(h)cm


Stock ref: DS2136

Circa 1950s

An excellent example of an earlier made oak Sideboard from the ex mouseman craftsman Sid Pollard of Bagby, near Thirsk. Of rectangular form  with two large cupboards to the side and a central bank of drawers, the top two being lined for cutlery. Panelled and adzed all over with traditional wrought iron fittings.

Photographed  in 'as acquired' waxed condition, in a rich aged and darker medium fume, excellent interior having been protected with lining paper.

Size: 154(w) x 47(d) x 82(h)cm


Stock ref: DS2042

Circa 1960s/70s

A  rare bespoke commissioned  large 8 branch solid English Oak Circular Ceiling Chandelier from the renowned ex Mouseman  and 'Yorkshire Critters' craftsman Sid Pollard, the carved arms radiating out from a central octagonal boss to earthed  brass bayonet bulb holders which face downwards. All the modern earthed wiring looks to be in place ready to wire back into place, but it is supplied untested. As is typical of Sid's solo work,and unique amongst the 'Yorkshire Critters,' his work is unmarked, he preferred to let his craftsmanship speak for itself.

Excellent condition structurally, medium oak colour.

Size:  68(dia) x 23.5(h) excl brass bulb holders)


Stock ref: DS1992

Circa 1960

A superb example of a solid English Oak Corner Display Cabinet by the ex mouseman 'Yorkshire Critters' craftsman Sid Pollard. Adzed to all the visible framework and panels with two fixed wooden open shelves to the upper section, a panelled door below with tradutional wrought iron fittings and two internal fitted wooden shelves, standing on four octagonally carved block feet. As is typical of Sid's work, and in contrast to all the other known craftsmen, it is unmarked. His philosophy was to let his craftsmanship speak for itself and his work is now sought after by collectors.

It presents in excellent condition with a naturally aged rich deep medium fumed colour.

Size: 76.5(w) x 50.5(d) x 165(h)cm


Stock ref: DS2011

Circa 1940s/50s

An excellent pair of  panel backed  and dowel pinned solid oak chairs from the renowned ex mouseman craftsman Sid Pollard,  re-upholstered in the recent past with  thick cow hide stretched over the seat frame and pinned to the underside. Both chairs have solid frame  joints and present with excellent aged colour and patina. As is common with  Sid's work the chairs are unmarked, of all the Yorkshire Critters craftsmen he did not adopt a 'Critter' carving, preferring to let his craftsmanship speak for itself.

Size: 41.5(w) x 45.5(d) x 85.5(h)cm


Stock ref: DS1967

Circa 1950

A superb  large Oak  Stool with woven leather seating from the renowned  early ex mouseman and 'Yorkshire Critters'  craftsman Sid Pollard. Rectangular form, standing on 4 octagonally carved legs joined by stretchers., original leather strapped seat.

Rich darker fumed colour, excellent condition with no loose joints to the stool framework.

Size: 39 (w) x 31(d) x 43(h)cm


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