David Linley, Walnut Cigar Humidor

Stock ref: DS2408

Circa 1990s


The worlds finest hand rolled cigars deserve the very finest humidty controlled storage. This superb quality  Cigar Humidor  is made from the highest quality walnut,  with inlaid radiating bands of walnut and other woods, by presigious luxury furniture  and home accessory maker David Linley. Excellent used condition,  with hinged and damped lid, cedar interior, moveable centre partition, hygrometer and meshed container for  the humidity controlling dessicant packs (eg Boveda).  Marked Linley.  Opens and closes very neatly, but please note that the key is no longer present to lock it securely.  Sourced from a property in Harrogate, together with a number of other Linley  furniture and collectable pieces.  

Known professionally as David Linley, David is probably better known to the public as the Earl of Snowdon, the son of Princess Margaret and Anthony - Armstrong Jones (Lord Snowdon), and the nephew of the Queen.

David trained  under John Makepeace  on leaving school and, naturally talented, he established Linley Furniture in 1985, producing the highest quality furniture  and bespoke installations for the high end luxury market. The business continues to trade nationally and internationally today. Whilst his HQ is in London, what is less well known is that his production workshop  is on the outskirts of Whitby, North Yorkshire, now operated  and owned by his long time associate  and friend Mark Asplin Whiteley. David has for many years  admired and been appreciative of the skill set in the area and all the 'Yorkshire Critters' workshops based in North Yorkshire.

Currently approximately £ 6,000 to buy new in this size.

Size: 34(w) x 17(d) x 9.1(h)cm

£ 1,395