Stanley Webb Davies: Family, Friends and Furniture

Stanley Webb Davies: Family, Friends and Furniture
Written by Ian Naylor & Harold Heys, published by Naylor Publishing 2016


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Stanley's legacy of fine furniture is increasingly well known and appreciated by collectors of Arts and Crafts furniture but relatively little has been researched and recorded, until now, about Stanley himself, particularly his early life which so clearly went on to inspire and influence the highly pricipled man and passionate craftsman he was throughout his adult life.

This new biography, produced with the assistance of his family descendants and friends, chronicles his most interesting life and work; his family background in cotton manufacturing in Lancashire, congregationalism and quakerism, schooldays and Oxford university, his objections to war and his subsequent relief work in France for 3 years with the Society of Friends. On return to the UK he honed his inate woodworking skills and trained under the tutelage of Arthur Romney Green,  before marriage to Emily and setting up home and business in Windermere, where he and Emily lived for the remainder of their lives. The business survived highs and lows for almost 40 years and the book chronicles Stanley and Emily's life through this period and into retirement and old age.

Wriiten by Ian Naylor, a keen admirer and collector of his work and retired journalist Harold Heys, the book is A4 sized with glossy soft cover, 188 pages and over 150 photographs, some never seen before from the family archive, and numerous other contributors, ourselves included, we're proud to say.

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