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Stock ref: DS1195

Circa mid 70s

A tooled and adzed Squirrelman fruitbowl  from Wilf Hutchinson that presents with a wonderful  rich colour and patina. The fruitbowl has been used  as is evidenced by the slightly darker patches in the bowl, caused by the fruit acids reacting with the tannins in the oak, however there is no damage or evidence of repair. His trademark squirrel is carved centrally in the bowl. Privately acquired from the estate of a collector.

Size: 30(dia) x 7.5(h)


Stock ref: DS1196

Circa late 70s

A wonderful adzed oak table lamp carved by Wilf Squirrelman Hutchinson with a well executed squirrel carved in high relief onto the top of the base.  Of larger size than the standard  Mouseman table lamp  it stands on a 4" base and is  11 1/2" to the original brass bulb holder, 13 1/2 " height in total. Free from any damage or staining with a lovely depth of colour, just slight age related natural wood splitting around the base. Complete with a long 4 1/2 metre lead. In working order on acquisition but i recommend all electrical items be safety tested by a qualified electrician before use.

Size: 10cm(sq) x 29.5(h)cm


Stock ref: DS1197

Circa 1960s / early 1970s

Rare to the market  and in superb condition this squirrelman  side side or telephone table with a removable leather seat pad features an adzed top, two open storage shelves, fully panelled sides and back and stands on four square legs joined with a central stretcher. Wilf's trademark squirrel is carved in low relief onto the bottom cross rail. The top rear rail also features a prominemt removable carved squirrel.

It presents in superb condition with a wonderful deep colour and patina, all the joints are sound and there is no damage or any significant staining. The original beige leather is also in excellent condition confirming it has been carefully looked after since purchase.

Size: 76.5(w) x 41(d) x 78(h)


Stock ref: DS1170


Superb Squirrelman sideboard,  with two shelved cupboards and two short over two long drawers, adzed all over including the inlaid panels and drawer fronts inline with early Mouseman craftsmanship. Traditional wrought iron fittings and a trademark squirrel carved in high relief to the lower front leg.

Wonderful condition and colour  inside and out, just one small usage scratch visible on the top.

Part of the squirrelman dining suite i have for sale (see DS1171) which includes a 5'dining table and 6 chairs and is complete with the original purchase receipt confirming single family ownership from new.

Size: 152.5(w) x 48(d) x 80(h)cm

Wilf Hutchinson started as a Mouseman apprentice in 1952, leaving after his apprenticeship and setting up his own business in 1958. Wilf sadly died on 15th June this year after a long illness, aged 76, but the business continues in the capable hands of his son Trevor, himself a fine wood craftsman and upholsterer.

Great value at less than half the cost of a comparable Mouseman sideboard. To purchase new from Squirrel Woodcarvers it would cost £ 3,250.



Please also see the matching dining table and 6 chairs from the same ownership and date of manufacture (DS1171)

Stock ref: DS1171


Refectory style rectangular dining table with a 3 plank adzed top, standing on 2 octagonally carved balster legs joined by a central stretcher. Trademark squirrel carved to one leg in high relief.

Complemented by 4 lattice backed dining chairs and 2 armchairs each with carved squirrels to the front legs. Adzing all over in line with early Mouseman craftsmanship. One armchair is lattice backed, the other carved with a Yorkshire / Lancashire rose, depending on your personal preference or  which side of the Pennines you reside ! The chairs retain their original leather hides which look to have been recoloured blue in the past, the foam infills have been replaced recently.

Wonderful condition and colour, just the expected minor light markings commensurate with  careful everyday usage over the years and a natural wood split in the top.

Acquired privately the suite is complete with original purchase invoice from may 1969 confirming it has been in the same ownership from new until i purchased it recently.

Table size: 152.5(w) x 77.5(d) x 74(h)cm

Chair size: 45.5(w) x 47(d) x 85.5(h) cm

Armchair size: 54(w) x 53(d) x 90.5(h) cm

Wilf Hutchinson started as a Mouseman apprentice in 1952, leaving after his apprenticeship and setting up his own business in 1958. Wilf sadly died on 15th June 2013 after a long illness, aged 76, but the business continues in the capable hands of his son Trevor, himself a fine wood craftsman and upholsterer.

Great value, to purchase new from Squirrel Woodcarvers this set would currently cost in excess of £ 5000.


Stock ref: DS1173

Circa 1969

'Squirrelman' Wilf Hutchinson octagonally shaped breadboard with a signature carved squirrel in high relief carved to the upper corner side. Subtly adzed to the top surface this piece has only been used for display purposes so is free from any staining of surfave cuts and has a superb rich colour  which matches the fruitbowl (DS1172) which was in the same ownership from new and purchased at the same time. The only minor  fault is some chipping to the squirrel's protruding ears.

Size: 30.5(w) x 25.5(d) x 2.5(h)


Stock ref: DS1172

Circa 1969

Wilf Hutchinson 'Squirrelman' 12" fruitbowl with  his signature squirrel carved prominently to the centre of the bowl, adzed to the outer side and subtly tooled to the inner bowl. Superb condition free from any damage with a rich nutty brown colour.

Privately acquired from the same original ownership as the  squirrelman breadboard (DS1173) and dining suite (DS1170, DS1171).

Size: 30.5(dia) x 7(h)



Circa 1960

A wonderful example of an early Squirrelman fruitbowl and much rarer to the market than the Mouseman fruitbowl. Adzed to the outside and tooled to the inner bowl with a superbly detailed squirrel carved to the centre of the bowl which has no chips or losses. The bowl is of good heavy weight, with a thick rim, and  it presents in a superb waxed condition with a mature nutty brown colour, with just a hint of fruit tannin staining to the inner, completely normal and commensurate with use on a bowl of this age.  There is no damage to the bowl, although there is a small natural wood grain fault, present from new to the outer adzed side, and shown clearly in the images below.

Size: 9 1/2" diameter x 2 3/4" (h),  24(dia) x 7(h)cm 

Wilf Hutchinson is a former Mouseman apprentice, leaving to establish his own furniture workshop in 1957 in the village of Husthwaite, between Thirsk and Easingwold. His business continues with Wilf aided by his son, Trevor.


Stock ref: DS1058

Circa 1957 - 1960

A superbly waxed and patinated dining table, one of the first made by Wilf after he left R. Thompson’s to set up Squirrel Woodcarvers in 1957. Features a 2 plank adzed top, dowelled centrally through the top in line with early craftsmanship, on a cruciform base with very prominent early squirrel carving to the foot. ( The squirrel has been lightly chewed by the original owners pet dog but is still clearly distinguishable.) Sourced locally in Bedale.

The colour, graining, patination and deeply waxed finish, on the top in particular, is simply stunning !

Size: 118 - 122 (dia) x 72(h) cm

The 4 chairs made originally for this table were sold on ebay in Jan, wrongly described as 1940’s by the seller !


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