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Arthur Simpson of Kendal, Pair of Oak Door Porters

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Circa 1939

A superb pair of rare  Arthur W Simpson of Kendal Arts and Crafts Oak Door Porters. Wonderful colour and condition and usable as originally intended or as decorative pieces. Well executed, good heavy weight, and of tall slender form with shaped terminals
in the form of ‘spades’ and ‘clubs,’ possibly inspired from a deck of cards. Both labelled, although well worn.  One label bears traces of Hubert Simpson’s name, who took over on the death of his father Arthur in 1922. One is stamped X832, dating
the piece to 1939 based on Hugh Wright’s chronology of known production pieces.

Size: 10(w) x 12(d) x 61(h) and 9(w) x 12.5(d) x 61(h)

For those keen to learn more about Arthur Simpsons of Kendal i can highly recommend  the following books:
The Beautiful Furniture of The Simpsons of Kendal, Hugh Wright, 2011.
The Simpsons of Kendal, Craftsmen in Wood 1885-1952, Eleanor
Davidson, 1978.



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