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Bob ‘Wrenman’ Hunter Large 17 1/2” Bread Board

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Stock ref: DS1281

Circa late 80s / 1990

A large and substantial Bob Hunter ‘Wrenman’  bread or chopping board with  Bob’s distinctive wren incised into the top right of the board. Discussions with Bob and his son David confirm its relatively early age for a Wrenman piece and that it is made from solid elm. Their modern boards are made with oak but David advises me it was not unusual in the 80s and early 90s to use locally sourced elm and  beech as well for chopping boards.

Excellent condition with oiling to the upper working surface and some light knife cut marks to evidence usage as intended.

Size: 44(w) x 37(d) x 5(h), the board weighs 5kg.



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