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Bob ‘Wrenman’ Hunter, Oak Pair of Napkin Rings

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Stock ref: DS1286

Circa late 1980s/early 90s

A rare and unusual pair of early Wrenman Bob Hunter napkin rings. Bob and his son David confirm their provenance and advise they were carved  in limited numbers in this style  by Bob’s daughter Jackie, a fine master carver in her own right.
As can be seen in the gallery images below these are slightly shorter in length and are slightly squarer in external form,  which aids stability as the carved branches are  set at different points compared with the modern made piece shown which
is circular, the braches both positioned at the botton to provide stability.

Pristine condition and colour with no damage, losses or repairs.

Size: 4.5(l) x  4.5(w) x 6.5(h)

I routinely see what i know to be brand new napkin rings being sold on ebay by less than honest sellers, for in excess of £80 each, making these rare and genuinely older pieces good value at:



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