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Derek ‘Lizardman’ Slater, Oak Ashtray

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Stock ref: DS1180

Circa 1960s/70s

Lizardman ashtrays are quite rare to the market. This unused  example is one of a pair i have acquired (see also stock ref: DS1181) and presents in  a warm nutty brown colour and superb condition, undamaged with no staining. Derek’s detailed
lizard trademark  is carved in high relief, the ash bowl is larger than is found on most mouseman ashtrays, reminiscent of the bowl size found on very early mouseman ashtrays.

Derek trained under Alan ‘Acornman’ Grainger and his early solo work features a fish carving. He changed to a lizard after partnering with Martin Dutton in the 60’s, both carved lizards but they are distinguishable from each other.

Size: 10.3(w) x 7.7(d) x 3(h) cm




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