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Martin ‘Lizardman’ Dutton Pair of Carved Oak Labradors

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Stock ref: DS1833

Circa late 1940s – early 60s

A superb and unusual bespoke commissioned pair of oak carvings of a labrador named Cherie, skilfully carved by the ex mouseman  craftsman Martin ‘Lizardman’ Dutton of Huby. Wonderfully observed  and each carved and tooled from a solid block of oak, each bearing the dogs name and Martin’s  trademark lizard carving. Darker fumed from new and with over half a century of natural aging they present in rich warm brown colour tones, with no losses or repairs.

Martin Dutton (1921-2009) of Huby, Nr York was a talented craftsman who trained and worked at Thompson’s through the war years. His solo work from the late 40s onwards bears  his distinctive Lizard carving. Martin, who was deaf from birth, later became the senior woodwork teacher at the  Yorkshire Residential School for the Deaf in Doncaster, the lizard carving later continued by his associate Yorkshire craftsman Derek Slater.

Labrador sitting 17(w) x 7(d) x 25.5(h)cm, Labrador laying down 34(w) x 7(d) x 11.5(h)cm



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