Peter Layton, Glacier Studio Glass Vase

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Stock ref: DS2492


Another  statement piece of handblown studio glass art.

A stunning  large handblown Glacier Glass Vase by the godfather of  British art glass blowing, Peter Layton. Exquisitely drawn amorphously shaped glass in  distinct bands of white, blue, black and frosted clear coloured glass, all inspired by natural glacial activity. Signed  and dated close to the base. Perfect condition.

We also have in stock a number of other pieces of Peter’s work.

Provenance:  The Kate & Jon Catleugh Collection, 2021.
Kate (1931-2021) and Jon (1920-2009) were notable collectors at the heart of the British arts and crafts and contemporary craft scene from when they met in the 1960s until their respective deaths. Jon had a particular passion and interest in the arts and crafts movement becoming an acknowledged expert in William  De Morgan.  Kates personal tastes were more wide ranging and contemporary, but always of the highest quality of artisan craftsmanship whether the  material be wood, glass, pottery or metal.

Peter Layton (1937 -) Born in Prague, but forced to flee  as war broke out in Europe, his family settled in Bradford where he grew up. He originally studied Ceramics but a teaching post at the University of Iowa in 1965 was to change his life and it’s here that he developed his passion for handblown studio glass art. On returning to the UK in 1968 he established a small studio in the Highlands of Scotland where he developed his skills and his reputation as one of the founders of British Studio Glass Art. In 1976 London called and he established the London Glassblowing Studio he still owns today, where he also nurtures the talents of up and coming glass artists. Courted ever since by major art Institutions, commercial and private buyers he is considered to be one of the finest glass blowing artists in the world, his work held in various prestigious museums in the UK, Europe and America

Size: 16(w) x 32.5 (h)cm. 

£ 1,145, previously £ 1,390


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