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Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson Oak 3’ Coffee Table

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Stock ref: DS1044

Circa 1960’s

Refectory style coffee table, it’s older age indicated by the fact that the adzed top is from a single plank of oak. Modern tops are now usually made from 2 jointed and glued planks, keeping production costs down, and reducing the natural warpage
that occurs as the seasoned oak dries and hardens with age. The top is supported by 2 large carved octagonal legs, joined by a single chamfered stretcher. A wonderfully large and prominent mouse is carved in high relief on one of the legs.

It is in superb condition, free from the usual staining so often found on older pieces. Waxed, not varnished, it is a lovely golden colour with beautiful graining.

Size: 91(w) x 38(d) x 44.5(h) cm



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