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Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson, Oak Early 8 3/4” Fruitbowl

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Stock ref: DS1278

Circa 1930s/40s

A wonderful example of the highly sought after early Mouseman fruitbowl. Of characteristic early form having the mouse carved to the outside of the bowl and the bowl being deeper but of smaller diameter than the modern bowl design introduced about 1960.
The bowl presents with a superb depth of aged chestnut brown colour and patina and is free from any splits, losses or evidence of previous repair. Beatifully tooled to the inner bowl and adzed to the outside, with just a little inner bowl staining which
results from the friuit acids reacting with the tannins in the oak, all normal and expected on fruitbowls that have been used as intended over the years.

Size: 22.3(dia excl the mouse carving) x 7.8(h) 



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