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Robert ‛Mouseman’ Thompson Oak Squirrel Bookends

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Stock ref: DS1740

Circa  1950s/60s

An exceptional pair of  the highly sought after Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson Squirrel Carved Bookends. They can have been made by a number of different craftsmen, but this particular pair have been very finely carved by master craftsman Stan Dodds whose  very distinctive mice are running along the top edge of the bookends. Only ever produced in very small numbers over the years and to bespoke commission this pair presents in exceptional condition, which is rare, the finely carved squirrel’s ears are very prone to breakage. Medium fumed from new  we’ve clear wax polished them and they present with a wonderful naturally aged rich medium oak colour.

Great care is needed when cleaning due to the prominent and finely carved ears, our top tip is to wax them with clear liquid Liberon wax, applied with an artists brush. Leave to dry for at least several hours before very carefully  buffing with a cloth or soft bristled waxing brush.

A superb collectors piece.

Size: 10(w) x 12(d) x 20.3(h)cm




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