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Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson Rare Double Table Lamp

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Stock ref: DS1920

Circa 1940s/50s

A very rare and possibly unique commissioned solid oak Double Table Lamp  from the workshops of Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson, made to a complicated carved design which bears similar design elements to that used to make the bespoke set of Candelabra made in 1936 for the Bramshill House Police Training Centre. The upper section is carved from a solid block of quarter sawn oak, internally cored through the outer columns up to the brass bulb fittings,  Fitted to a sturdy separately carved quarter sawn oak base,  a finely carved mouse in high relief to one column upright.  It was no mean feat to skilfully core through the wood without breakage, especially the curved section, as we found out when we rewired the piece….. it took several hours of patient manipulation to re-wire safely to our satisfaction with new 3 core period braided wiring, new earthed antique brass fittings, and in-line switch.  Purchased privately from the original owners family who have known the piece all their lives, it presents in superb condition after a clean and rewax with no breakages or losses

Discussions with Robert Thompson’s  confirm they can find no specific information on its history but they agree its highly unusual design looks to be partly based on the candelabra design used for the Bramshill Police Training Centre.

Please note the first image in the gallery below was taken after rewiring and new bulb fittings, the other images were taken before rewiring. Shades which will fit can be purchased from Robert Thompson’s.

Size: 20.3(w) x 19.8(d) x 31.5(h) excl fittings



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