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Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson Set of 4 Oak Lattice Dining Chairs

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Stock ref: DS1840

Circa 1970s

An excellent matched set of 4 of the highly popular Lattice Backed Dining Chair from Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson of Kilburn, near Thirsk.  The solid oak frames present in superb condition following a careful clean and re-wax in our workshop, the seats retain their original untreated aniline cow hides  which are now wonderfully patinated and have been carefully  conditioned and balmed to blend the expected marks and staining that are always seen on these earlier untreated cow hides that Robert Thompson’s used at the time. The foams are good and the original hides are not split or worn so have many years of useful life ahead of them if the hide is treated to an annual condition with a proprietory leather conditioner to stop the hide drying out. Originally made as a set of 4 chairs which accompanied the 4′ Circular Mouseman Dining Table we’ve recently sold (Stock ref: DS1810). Carved trademark mice in high relief to each of the right front legs.

To purchase  this set new today would cost £ 3996, but we’ve priced this set competitively to allow purchasers the opportunity, at a future date, to consider replacement of the leather with a current R. Thompson’s treated hide of their own colour choice, and still save a considerable sum on the new price of the chairs today. 

Size: 44.5(w) x 42.5(d) x 84.5(h)cm each.



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