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Robert Thompson ‘Mouseman’ Bespoke 9” Oak Double Ashtray

Stock ref: DS1494

Circa 1960s/70s

Previously sold by us and unexpectedly re-offered on behalf of the owner following a change of circumstances.

A stunning and highly unusual bespoke commissioned  and handcrafted 9″(w) x 7″(d) x 5″(h)  tabletop solid oak double pin dish or ashtray that has been specially designed  and mounted centrally with a high quality and very finely modelled, heavy metal cast and silvered cocker spaniel. Carved from a single block of oak with very subtle hand tooling and a finely carved trademark mouse in high relief to the rear of the piece with baize lining to the underside. The cast model sits in a small routed recess on the top, secured from underneath by a central threaded bolt and securing nut. Slightly loose on acquisition, we’ve had to cut the baize lining around the nut to allow access and to remove the cast model prior to cleaning and re-waxing of the wood, before replacing  and tightening it. We’ve placed the model in it’s original orientation but as it is secured centrally from underneath it should be possible to turn it around so that both the dog and mouse are facing to the front if the new owner prefers. Dirty with the expected and very typical light splash staining on acquisition it has been gently cleaned and re-waxed. Using only clear Liberon wax the wood presents with a wonderfully natual rich honey colour, the result of original fuming in ammonia and natural aging. 

It’s ownership history and precise age is unkown but we can confirm it was part of a deceased estate sold locally here in North Yorkshire, and was included with a number of other Mouseman pieces from the same ownership, including an early fruitbowl which sadly we were unable to secure.

Size: 23(w) x 17.8(d) x 12.7(h)cm




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