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Robert Thompson ‘Mouseman’ Early Oak Book Trough

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Stock ref: DS1402

Circa 1930s/40s

A superb example of an early book trough by Robert Mouseman Thompson which is extensively adzed all over, including the rear side of the back rest. Over the years the adzing has been progessively reduced, now just the sides are adzed. It also features  what collectors will know is the rare upwards facing mouse which is rarely found on these book troughs as it is technically more difficult and time consuming to carve it this way against the wood grain. ( see p48  Mouseman: The Legacy of Robert Thompson of Kilburn.) Wonderful waxed deep rich chestnut colour with no losses to the mouse or evidence of previous repairs and only very minor usage marking from use as intended.

Size: 46(w) x 20.5(d) x 20.3(h)




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