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Sid Pollard, Yorkshire Oak Book / Media Trough

Stock ref: DS1115

Circa 1960s

A rare item to find from Sid Pollard, the first i’ve seen on the market in several years. Unused and stored away in the loft it is a genuine ‘attic find’ from a house clearance I was recently asked to advise on. After a clean and re-waxing it’s now in
superb condition, mature honey in colour, with no damage or staining. It is subtly adzed to all visible areas including the back and base, unlike modern Mouseman book troughs which are only adzed to the curved sides.

Size: 48.5(w) x 18(d) x 21.5(h)cm

Sid Pollard lived in Bagby near Thirsk, and was one of Robert Thompson’s early apprentices. His solo work is almost always unmarked, preferring to let his work speak for itself. After leaving Thompson’s he combined his solo work with the family building
firm, Pollard Builders. His solo work dates from the 40s through to his death in the early 80s.




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