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Sid Pollard Yorkshire Oak Letter Rack

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Stock ref: DS1335

Circa 1970s

Very rare, the first gated letter rack i’ve seen from Sid Pollard, made for family friends who were residents of Bagby (Sid’s home village) and  in their ownership from new.  With a curved back and  wonderfully detailed bar gate to the
front, a design that is similar to and now more synonemous with the later 1980s onwards made  Bob Hunter ‘Wrenman’s ‘ wren carved gated letter racks. (See image gallery below for a comparison). In lovely original condition free from any damage and
with its original green baise lined base.

Sid was one of Robert Thompson’s early apprentices and craftsman and his work is increasingly highly regarded by collectors. As with almost all his work it is unmarked, he always preferred to let his craftsmanship speak for itself.

Size: 27.5(w) x 12.2(d) x 16.3(h)




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