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Stanley Webb Davies, Oak Hand Mirror

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Stock ref: DS1129

Circa 1930s / early 1940s

Stanley Webb Davies pieces are very rare to the market and always highly sought after, representing understated Arts and Crafts furniture at its very best, in the Cotswold School style of Ernest Gimson, Arthur Romney Green and the Barnsley’s. Every piece is totally unique, Stanley wa resolute in never producing exactly the same design twice in the 37 years the business was in operation at Windermere, Cumbria.

This solid oak hand mirror is in wonderful original condition and, although unmarked, it exhibits a number of features distictive of Stanley Webb Davies’s work.  These include the visible dowelled pin joints holding the  two sections of the handle and frame together and his distictive alternating thumbnail carving on the chamfered edge around the bevelled  mirror which reflects the light beautifully. In superb condition with a good rich nutty oak colour, free from any damage or evidence of repair.

Unsigned but acquired as part of a larger collection of  SWD and A. Simpson pieces, some marked and otheres not, with provenance via Tennant’s, Leyburn,  to a Windermere family with a significant collection of SWD and Arthur Simpson of Kendal furnishings acquired in the inter war years.

Size: 27.5(l) x 14 (dia) X 1.5(d) cm

SWD (1894 -1978) was the son of a wealthy mill owner in Darwin, Lancashire. Oxford educated, he was apprenticed to Arthur Romney Green before setting up home and business in Windermere in 1923. The business closed in 1960.

Information courtesy of Hugh Wright’s book published in 2006, Stanley Webb Davies 1894-1978, Arts & Crafts Furniture Maker. I can highly recommend it to those ken to learn more about his life and work.



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