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Stanley Webb Davies Walnut 3 Tier Stand

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An  exceptional  quality and exquisitely handcrafted solid walnut 3 tier Display / Cake Stand from the Windermere, Cumbria workshop of Stanley Webb Davies, the renowned Cotswold School Arts and Crafts furniture maker. Stanley Webb Davies pieces are very rare to the market and highly sought after, representing understated Arts and Crafts furniture at its very best, in the Cotswold School style of Ernest Gimson, the Barnsley’s and Arthur Romney Green. Every piece made over a 40 year period is unique as Stanley was resolute in never producing exactly the same design twice. The underside of the upper tier is marked in typical fashion with the inscribed SWD cartouche, the craftsman’s own initials JCB and the date, 1948.

The signature bears a close resemblance that that used by James Cleasby Dent JCD but on close inspection is definitely a B not a D so, unfortunately,  nothing appears to be known about this particular craftsman. Hugh Wrights book: Stanley Webb Davies 1894-1978, Arts & Crafts Furniture Maker acknowledges that not all the craftsmen are know as the costing books are incomplete. There is reference  to a John Britain in the period 1947-51 but it has been thought he was not allowed to sign his work as ” he was on some sort of work experience with davies and went on to train as a teacher.” Clearly  the piece is of the highest quality and whoever made it had the full backing of Stanley to mark it with all the usually expected SWD markings.

The stand displays the very finest craftsmanship and cabinet making techniques combined with meticulous attention to the smallest details. Each piece of walnut has been carefully selected  for it’s individual grain and colour and no screws are used in the construction; visible wedged tennons  with contrasting oak wedges are used throughout and they all remain as tight as the day they were made. Other typical SWD features include the scalloped / dog bite  side edges, chiselled tooling to the circular central sections of each tier  and the curved canted edges.

Cleaned and re-oiled in our workshop the 3 tier stand presents in  exceptional condition, the colour and graining  now as  rich and vibrant as the day it was made almost 70 years ago.

Hugh’s book as well as a new 2016 publication entitled Stanley Webb Davies – Family Friends & Furniture by  Ian Naylor and Harold Heys (available from us) are highly recommend to those interested in learning more about  Stanley Webb Davies and his talented craftsmen.

Size: 29.5(w) x 21.5(d) x 79(h)cm




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