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Thomas ‘Gnomeman’ Whittaker Adzed 4’7” Oak Dresser

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A stunning example of Tom Whittaker’s artisan craftsmanship, complete with impeccable provenance. The Yorkshire oak dresser features a detachable,  adzed,  graduated height three tier plate rack, with arched and carved cornice over the top and
shaped sides. The lower section also features extensive adzing, is of rectangular shape  and comprises  three burr oak panelled cupboards with an internal shelf, intersected with carved linen fold panels and three drawers below each cupboard
door. Even the oak drawer bases and back panels are adzed.  It is raised on shaped and waisted sides with sledge feet and a carved undulating cross stretcher which is pegged in the traditional manner. Traditional wrought iron fittings and his trademark
gnome carved to the front right  corner.

It presents in fabulous condition with an aged  deep golden honey  colour.

It is offered for sale complete with original receipts and correspondence dating to 1956 and 1957 between Thomas Whittaker, his wife Joyce and the original purchaser Dr. Ormerod, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. Originally part of a larger commission which
included a 6′ dining table, 8 chairs, and a stool. A serving trolley was later ordered in 1957. The receipts  and correspondence show that the dresser cost £ 60.00  and was delivered in late October 1956. Also included is a signed Christmas
card  and photocard from the Whittaker’s from 1956 as well as an insurance valuation from Anderson & Garland dated Feb 1998. At that time the whole suite remained in the original ownership, the dresser being valued then at £ 2,000.  Sadly
the whole suite has since dispersed.

Size: 140(w) x 54(d) x 202(h) cm maximum overall.

Thomas whittaker (1910 -1991) lived and worked in Littlebeck, near Whitby, North Yorkshire. His trademark gnome is carved onto all his work and was inspired by the legend that a gnome is born each time an acorn germinates and will guard that tree throughout
its life. His work is now nearly as well known as Robert Thompson’s. His business ceased on his death and his former home and workshop is now a private residence. For those interested in learning more about his life and work i attach a link to a British
Pathe newsreel from 1961. Gnomeman Thomas Whittaker



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