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Thomas ‘Gnomeman’ Whittaker, Oak Nest of Three Tables

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Stock ref: DS1114

Circa 1960s

A lovely vintage example of Tom Whittaker’s Nest of Tables which feature adzing to all visible surfaces and  trestle style legs joined by a rear pegged stretcher. His signature carved gnome is carved in relief to the lower front leg of the largest table.  Finished in a beautiful warm chestnut brown colour with lovely grain patination and very little evidence of staining on any of the three tables.  The tops are metal pinned and glued to the side legs, all the joints are intact but as is common to this particular design there is a little lateral movement noticeable between the tops and legs.

Sizes: Lge 63.5(w) x 37.5(d) x 43(h), Med 55(w) x 33.5(d) x 41.5(h), Sml 46(w) x 28.5(d) x 40(h)cm

Thomas whittaker (1910 -1991) lived and worked in Littlebeck, near Whitby, North Yorkshire. His trademark gnome is carved onto all his work and was inspired by the legend that a gnome is born each time an acorn germinates and will guard that tree throughout its life. His work is now nearly as well known as Robert Thompson’s. His business ceased on his death and his former home and workshop is now a private residence. For those interested in learning more about his life and work i attach a link to a British Pathe newsreel from 1961. Gnomeman Thomas Whittaker



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