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Thomas ‘Gnomeman’ Whittaker Oak Carved Gnome

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Stock ref: DS1886

Circa 1950s/60s

An excellent example of the rare and sought after  Carved Oak Gnome Carving by Thomas ‘Gnomeman’ Whittaker. A wonderful piece for collectors of his work  and in excellent condition and colour, just a small old  chip to the rear of the gnomes clothing.

Thomas whittaker (1910 -1991) lived and worked in York and later in Littlebeck, near Whitby, North Yorkshire. His trademark gnome is carved onto most of his post war work and was inspired by a German jewish refugee he met shortly before the outbreak of war who was judging a piece he had entered into the North of England Craftsmen’s Exhibition in Newcastle. He was asked to indenify the piece in some way and the judge suggested the ‘german oak spirit’  the legend being that a gnome is born each time an acorn germinates and will guard that tree throughout its life. His work is now highly regarded and nearly as well known as Robert Thompson’s. His business ceased on his death and his former home and workshop is now a private residence. For those interested in learning more about his life and work we attach a link to a British Pathe newsreel from 1961. Gnomeman Thomas Whittaker

Size: 6.5(w) x 6.5(d) x 19(h)cm



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