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Thomas ‘Gnomeman’ Whittaker, Pair of Oak Dining Chairs

Stock ref: DS1117

Circa 1960

A lovely pair of Tom Whittaker’s solid oak panel backed dining or side chairs, in fine condition ready for immediate use. Made in his distinctive rustic artisan style they stand on four square carved legs, joined by stretchers. The legs andback panels feature pegged joints and adzing to all visible surfaces with his trademark gnome carved prominently to the front left leg of each chair. The seats retain their original high quality thick leather hide, webbed to the underside and fastened to the frame with copper studs. The leather is in fine condition and a superb mellow tan colour, free from any splits or tears, just the expected minor marking and staining from everyday use always found on this type of older untreated analine leather. The chair frames are strong and completely solid with no joint movement. There are old  traces of wood filler in some small natural wood splits, nothing to give any concern, and it is well blended into the wood which now presents in a warm aged medium brown colour.

Size: 40.5(w) x 38(d) x 82.5(h)cm.

Thomas whittaker (1910 -1991) lived and worked in Littlebeck, near Whitby, North Yorkshire. His trademark gnome is carved onto all his work and was inspired by the legend that a gnome is born each time an acorn germinates and will guard that tree throughout its life. His work is now nearly as well known as Robert Thompson’s. His business ceased on his death and his former home and workshop is now a private residence. For those interested in learning more about his life and work i attach a link to a British Pathe newsreel from 1961. Gnomeman Thomas Whittaker

Please note that i am selling these chairs on behalf of their owner, but they are in my possession for viewing and purchase by clients.


A Gnomeman armchair is also available, see stock ref: DS1118-2 for full details.


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